Weekdays or Weekends – We’ll Have Your TV Fixed In No Time

Kempsey Antenna & TV Services offer the best range of antennas that are ideal for Australian conditions. The type of antenna required depends upon the quality of signal your home receives from the transmission towers. Our confidence enables us to provide a 10-year guarantee on our antennas.

Our antennas –

  • Are all high quality.
  • Have been designed for Australian conditions.
  • Are digital compatible.
  • Built to last.
  • Will not deteriorate under Australian weather conditions.
  • Provide high quality reception.

How do I know which Antenna to buy?

We are full service business specializing in TV Antenna & Satellite equipment and installations. If you buy an antenna or satellite dish from us we will supply you with whatever advice you need to install it. At Kempsey Antenna & TV Services you can talk directly to a technician by calling Todd on 0431 522 406.

Of course, if you get half way through a DIY installation and realise that it is a bit more difficult that you first thought – we are more than happy to offer you our installation services to finish the job for you.

Brand that we use and recommend include:

Antenna Repairs and Installs

Great TV reception is possible with an antenna that’s fit for purpose.

If you’re having trouble with patchy reception, pixelated pictures or poor sound quality, Kempsey Antenna and TV Services will have a solution. It could be a simple repair like fixing a loose cable or installing a booster to sharpen the signal. Perhaps the antenna installation needs improving or maybe a satellite dish would be a better alternative? 

To determine how to come up with a perfect viewing scenario, our technicians do a health check of your current antenna and reception quality. When inspecting your property, we take into consideration your proximity to local transmission towers and diagnose any issues that could impact your reception. From there, we formulate a plan to install the most effective aerial solution for maximum viewing pleasure. 

As suppliers of quality equipment, our large range of antennas are designed for Australian conditions. With a 10-year guarantee, we have full confidence that our aerials are built to last.  

Whether it’s time for a new antenna or it’s a new installation, professional advice is highly recommended. From full service to DIY customer support, our experienced team are committed to getting you the clearest picture possible.