Digital TV Setup and Tuning

For those who aren’t tech savvy or just don’t have time, setting up a digital TV and home entertainment equipment is a daunting task. With the rapid advancement of technology, most devices need configuration to achieve optimum performance. If this isn’t your skill set, our technicians can help. We work with the latest in technology daily. Having this knowledge means your system will be fully operational system faster. Plus, you’ll receive one on one user training to ensure you feel confident in using your system with ease. Digital TV services we can help you with:
  • Tuning in your TV to access all available channels on Freeview and Smart TV capabilities.
  • Installing your set-top box, Pay TV, video or DVD players to play seamlessly through your TV.
  • Mount your flat screen TV on the wall to improve the look of your room and provide easy viewing.
  • Synchronising home theatre equipment to TV in audio-visual harmony.
All our digital TV services include options to conceal cabling where possible, professional workmanship and respect for your property at all times. 

Available Freeview™ channels include: